The science behind better ingredients

To unlock the potential of next-generation ingredients, C16 has developed a proprietary biomanufacturing platform to produce high value lipid ingredients that deliver on specific functional needs for manufacturers of beauty, personal and home care, and food applications.

Innovating with nature

Grown from yeast, not on trees

Historically, natural ingredients came from either animals or plants, both of which have been linked to highly extractive practices. In contrast to traditional ingredient providers, C16 Biosciences leverages the fungal kingdom. We work with naturally occurring microorganisms, leveraging the benefits of their evolutionary improvements to make better ingredients.

a person wearing black gloves holding a test tube

Biotechnology at its best

Optimizing performance

Fermentation is a technology that has been used for centuries to convert raw materials into commercial products consumed by billions of people every day.

We combine this age-old art with the latest and greatest innovations in biotechnology, to make better performing ingredients that are also more sustainable.

a person in a lab coat and gloves holding a pipette

The result is better ingredients

Better ingredients mean more precise profiles to drive texture, feel, and efficacy. Better ingredients mean tapping nature to unlock novel actives with higher purity – that are good for human health and planetary health.

The benefit? 250x more efficient land use and 100% traceable and reliable supply.

a person holding a bottle of milk

Solutions at scale

From lab flasks to metric tons of oil

Our technology is robust, and we’ve demonstrated it. We’re manufacturing our products at industrial scale with an output capable of producing metric tons of oil per week.

a person in a lab coat and black cap holding a test tube

Biobased products change the world

No more excuses

We have formulated our oil into a variety of applications – from beauty to personal care to food – and have a roadmap to introduce additional products that expand functionality for compelling applications.

C16’s platform provides the world with a powerful tool for making targeted, designer fat and oil profiles that are safe, high performing, and still natural.

a hand pouring oil from a bottle