All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Palm oil is the most popular oil in the world, but its production is driven by deforestation.


Our Mission

At C16, we believe in sustainability. The worldwide demand for palm oil continues to grow, and as it does, we have a responsibility to the environment to find a safer and more effective means of production. We are leveraging the natural powers of microbes to produce palm oil of the highest quality, and with the environment in mind. 

The Problem

There is a secret hiding in 50% of consumer goods on the market today. Palm oil is the most popular vegetable oil in the world, but its production is driven by the decimation of some of Earth's most precious natural forests primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The oil is produced by the fruits of Elaeis guineensis, oil palm trees native to parts of Africa. In order to scale up production, palm oil companies continue to destroy natural rainforests and burn carbon-rich peatlands to a crisp. This makes land available for millions of oil palms to be planted.

  • About 27 million hectares of previously forested land is now covered by oil palm plantations, an area the size of New Zealand.
  • Endangered species like the orangutan, Borneo elephant, and Sumatran tiger are being pushed to the brink of extinction due to habitat loss.
  • Thousands of people (including children) have been forced into unsafe, low-wage working conditions on oil palm plantations,